I’ve realized something, something that I should have realized a long time ago. Lately I’ve been dwelling on the fact that I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m kind of lonely. I’ve turned into one of those annoying girls who thinks that being in a relationship is the most important thing in the entire world. I know that it’s not but I’ve been acting like it is. I spend so much time thinking and talking about it wondering what’s wrong with me and how can I fix myself. But today I realized something. How can I expect someone else to love me when I don’t love myself? How could somebody be attracted to me when I feel like I’m so unattractive. It is unrealistic and I really thought I was smarter than that. I need to be confident and happy all by myself before I can really worry about being with someone else. So I’m promising myself that I will use the rest of the summer to learn how to love myself the way that I am.


About Megan :)

I love music, boardgames, late-night car rides, laughing with my friends, grocery shopping with my mom and napping with my dog. … because thing’s change. And friends leave. And life doesn’t stop for anybody. – Perks of Being a Wallflower
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