The Pros and Cons of Pros and Cons

I made a pros and cons list today, the subject of the list is irrelevant and likely didn’t deserve its own list…but I was looking for a distraction from my psych homework.

What I realized while making this aforementioned list is that writing down the pros and cons of something doesn’t help you make a decision or be happy about something in your life you were unsure of.

All the list making does is force you to think about the bad stuff, and even if the good stuff outweighs the bad you still have the cons at the front of your mind. When I was making my cons list, I was thinking really hard about the bad aspects of the subject. Half the things I wrote down were negatives that hadn’t even crossed my mind before. Writing the list was causing me to become aware of new annoyances. That sounds a little unhealthy.

So I’m calling it quits with the pros and cons list. From now on, a magic 8 ball will help me make my decisions.


About Megan :)

I love music, boardgames, late-night car rides, laughing with my friends, grocery shopping with my mom and napping with my dog. … because thing’s change. And friends leave. And life doesn’t stop for anybody. – Perks of Being a Wallflower
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